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Member of the Month for December: Ben

When, how and why did you get started with us? CrossFit was something I already had an interest in trying –  a quick google revealed that CFC was around the corner and way too close not to check out. I started to come down pretty regularly in mid-2022 and haven’t stopped since! 

What would be your dream workout?

Sandbag, deadlifts, toes to bar.

What workout would you want to avoid? 

Many options..  Anything with a lot of burpees. Or overhead squatting.  Or devil’s press. Or double-unders. 

Favourite Crossfit Athlete?

Roman Khrennikov.

What's the best thing you own that costs under $100?

Chilly’s water bottle!

Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made? 

Plenty to choose from here but I would probably say thinking that rolling around in a gold SMP visor was a good look.

Favourite quote?  

“Movement is medicine..”

What's your fav 90s jam? 

 Scar Tissue – RHCP or maybe All the small things – Blink 182.

What was the last thing you watched on TV? 

Love Actually… Cmon, its Christmas! 

The funniest thing that happened to you recently? 

Reviewing the results of a sip and paint birthday party. Safe to say there wasn’t much artistic ability in the room that day.

Most used emoji?  


If you could have another CrossFit Claremont member attribute, what would it be?

 Christian’s double unders or Nate’s snatch.

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