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Wednesday 06.12.17

Congratulations to the below people who did 20 or more classes this month! Great to see the commitment you are making to your health and fitness! Angela Goh: 20 sessions Dom McGreal: 20 sessions Marc Fisher: 20 sessions Lingee So: 27 sessions Ryan Lewis: 23 sessions Quentin Lenormand: 20 sessions Kim Hall: 26 sessions Dirty Mike: 21 sessions Caitriona Monahan: 22 sessions Aleks Williams: 22 sessions Siobhane Byrne: 28 sessions Sean Sweeney: 22 sessions Christine Blenkinsop: 22 sessions Peter D'Alessandro: 21 sessions Chris Loftus: 23 sessions David Flack: 21 sessions Ryan Smith: 21 sessions


*Please only park on the western side of the building today. There is a monster truck show on next door and if you park there your car may get crushed. A. "Gwen" For load: 15-12-9 Unbroken Clean and Jerks B. In teams of 3: 5 Min AMRAP 9m Prowler Push 130/90kg 5 Burpees *Alternate team member at completion of burpees. Sweat: Pairs Dryathalon - 25 Min AMRAP 400m Row 300m Run 1000m Airbike *Alternate partner after each exercise. Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Well done to the #belikeCyn Master's team who crushed the All Star Affiliate Series on the weekend! Did us proud!

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