• Jason

Monday 30.10.17

A. Power Snatch - 15 Min to Establish a Heavy Single B. Isabel: 30 Power Snatches 60/42.5kg or 82.5/60kg *Go the heavier option if you have a sub 3 Isabel. Sweat: In Pairs: 2 Rounds In 4 Minutes: Forward Sled Drag 70/50kg Max Metres 1 minute rest In 4 Minutes: Kettlebell Swings 32/20kg Max Reps 1 minute rest In 4 Minutes Max Row Calories 1 minute rest *One person must be holding a 25/45kg Sandbag for the entire workout. Dropping = 20 burpee penalty. Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Join here.

Travis Williams Isabel in 57 Seconds!!

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