• Jason

Sunday 08.10.17

Rest Day Back to normal schedule at the Showgrounds tomorrow. A big thank you to all those who helped us move over the weekend, it meant a lot to us and we couldn't have done it as quickly, or as stress free without you.

Thankyou to Wacey, Marshall, Bernie, Lingee, Liz, Brad, Mitch C, Mike Brooks, Lauren and Dad who gave up their raging Friday nights to come help out and Nass, Aimee, Dave Black, Paula, Lauren and Dad who helped out Saturday morning. (Sorry if I have missed anyone!)

The sincerest thankyou to EVERYONE who over the last few weeks kept training with us in circumstances that weren't ideal. You kept positive, smashed some WODs, worked hard and had fun, we wouldn't be back now without you! Lastly thanks to my wife for putting up with me over the last month! - Jason

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