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Wednesday 02.08.17 - Member of the Month 2/2: Dom

When, how and why did you get started with us? Jan 2016. I was looking for somewhere to train every day early before work that had good classes. Claire (SXF Willetton) said I should give CFC (then SXF Nedlands) a go so I turned up for foundations. I had vaguely heard the word Crossfit somewhere and had no idea what it was about. I did not have a CLUE what was going on and I felt like a bit of a goat because all the workouts/movements were so unfamiliar and difficult. The coaches were great at explaining everything and everyone was really cool and nice so, with baby steps, I kept coming back.

What would be your dream workout? We did it a few weeks ago! 3RFT - 400m run, 10 deadlifts @102kg and 60 double unders. But I reckon every work out is good if it feels like a challenge, which is almost always the way.

What workout would you want to avoid? I'm happy to give anything a go - even loads of burpees (eye roll).

I haven't turned up for Murph yet though. Volume wise, that one looks a bit too chewy for my abilities, so I'll say Murph.

Favourite Crossfit Athlete: I think Kara Webb's skills are very impressive. Aside from being a champion Aussie on the world stage, she got the Guinness record for most pistols in 60 secs!

Whats the best thing you own that cost under $100? A swatch watch with questionable 80s colours. Totally indestructible and water proof. Tho people do ask me why I'm "wearing my mum's watch" (hey - but as mum always says - if they're laughing you don't need em cos they're not your real friends anyway).

Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made: Believe it or not, it's not the swatch watch. As a Perth young dude in the early 90s, once or twice I wore a waistcoat with no shirt underneath *cringe* (Red Hot Chili Peppers have a lot to answer for!).

Favourite quote: It's easy to criticise, but it's hard to create.

Whats your fav 90s jam: 'Otherside' by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Very cool tune, even though their fashion choices didn't translate too well to impressionable young Perth dudes.

Last thing you watched on TV: The Regular Show (with my eldest son). That show is twisted! Cartoons have changed dramatically since I was a kid. Makes Ren and Stimpy look like play school.

Funniest thing that happened to you recently: Split my pants all the way down to the back of my knees before an important work meeting (don't ask me how it happened, I have no idea). On my way to change to a new pair I had to moonwalk backwards past my work colleagues to preserve my modesty.

Most used emoji: Thumbs up! I find it's immensely uplifting for both sender and recipient.

If you could have one other CrossFit Claremont members body part, what would it be? I continue to be astounded by the feats of strength and endurance my co-CFC members exhibit every day in our classes. There are so many instances to choose from, but this morning for example I could have done with Mike W's or Pete Dals knees on sets of burpee box jumps. Those guys are like coiled springs on all that dynamic stuff! Workout of the Day: A. Split Jerk Press 3,3,3 Jerk Balance 3,3,3 Split Jerk - Heavy Single B. 9 Min AMRAP 6 Strict Pull Ups

9 Front Squats 60/42.5kg

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