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Saturday 01.07.17 - Member of the Month 1/2: Laura Turner

Laura has been one of the Gym's oldest members. Unfortunately her love of Bananas's is forcing her to relocate to Brisbane, as a lively member she will be sorely missed. Well known for being late and smoking Burpees, here is an insight into the mind of Laura 'Frog' Turner. When, how and why did you get started with us? Feb/March 2013 (I think), Jase and Loz asked me to come and try out their new gym one Saturday morning, instantly loved it and I’ve never looked back. What would be your dream workout? Something long… box jumps, Double Unders, Burpees, Hang power cleans and HSPU. What workout would you want to avoid? 13 minutes of single rep dead lifts whilst bawling my eyes out (AKA 17.4). Favourite Crossfit Athlete: Lauren Fisher and Dan Bailey Whats the best thing you own that cost under $100? Pandora ring from Loz. Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made: Probably wearing a weight lifting belt, wrist wraps, long socks, knee sleeves… all whilst snatching a massive amount of 25kg. Hmmmmmmmm. Favourite quote: Well living with the ‘Queen of Quotes’ herself there are a lot in my mind but I would have to say a newbie I heard today ‘You are about as consistent as pigeon sh*t on Trafalgar square – Gordon Ramsay’ Whats your fav 90s jam: Biggy – Going Back to Cali Last thing you watched on TV: The Today Show errrry damn morning even if it did take me making a tower with my washing to stand my aerial on because the signal had gone on my TV. Funniest thing that happened to you recently: When Chris delightfully told a group of us at dinner how much he enjoyed his ‘Broosh’ bun (brioche) on his burgers only a few hours after him asking me if a peppercorn was corned pepper (similar to corned beef). He also thought that a peppercorn was corn (like on the cob) and didn’t know that pepper was simply just ground up peppercorns. Shall I go on?? Most used emoji: Laughing face. If you could have one other CrossFit Claremont members body part, what would it be? Well she isn’t technically in the country anymore but I would say still part of our CFC family. Ash Neumeier's legs! Workout of the Day: In teams of 3: 100/70 Calorie Row 100 Box Jump Overs 24/20" 100 Power Snatch 35/25kg 100 Toes to Bar 100 Power Snatch 35/25kg 100 Box Jump Overs 24/20" 100/70 Calorie Row Post Results to Beyond the Whiteboard.

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