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CFC Key Party - In House Pairs Competition

Tired of your workout buddy? Wanting to spice things up? Think the grass could be greener on the other side? Well, you've finally a chance to throw your "keys" in a bowl and see who you end up with! ;) Come join us for a social in house "swingers" comp, do a few workouts and have some fun! All entrants in each category will be placed into a 'bowl' and drawn out that morning. Who knows, you might lucky with Sean "The Sweet heart" Sweeney, Duncan "Slip and Slide" Tomkins or for one unlucky entrant, you'll be paired with Brad "Mr Flexibility" Carey. Entrance fee will be $20 per person, with prizes for winners and special categories. There will a few different workouts over the day and all movements can be scaled if needed. Kids as always are welcome. There will be four different categories - Mens RX - Mens Modified - Female RX - Female Modified RX will be if you can do the majority of Open movements RX. Open workouts can be found here: https://games.crossfit.com/workouts/open/2017 Feel free to ask a coach if you are unsure which category to go in or fire away with any questions :) It will be held the 17th of June kicking off at 7.30am. Should finish up around 3pm. There will be a BBQ and beers towards the end. You can now register at the front desk. The first 20 people to register get to submit a workout of their choice, one of those workouts will be selected and used on the day! (It must be a partner workout). Rego will close Monday the 12th, see a coach at the front desk and they can get registration sorted for you!

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