The Open Close: The Full DisClose 2(every)1

Well the final week of The Open produced what many had been hoping for - a barbell and a touch of paradise with a max lift, but also something that surely no one would hope for - thrusters.

Sadly, on Friday was supposedly the final open workout in which Duncan would don the shorts. However, many feel this has a bit of a John Farnham feel about it. A simple invite from a winery to have an evening on the lawn would be enoughn to coax them out of retirement. You're the voice on making this potentially happen again, so if you feel strongly let Duncan know.

This week was a little different for the announcement, with the time for us being 2am. An incredibly inconsiderate wife woke me while getting out of bed to go feed and settle our infant child, it was 2.10am. "Hmmm may as well check the workout" I thought. I saw there was a bit of chat going on with what seemed some general excitment about the workout between Liz and Cooper. Cooper was just about to go to bed and Liz was just getting up. A 2am bedtime - that's freedom. Two contrasting styles that seemed to be working...

Things Gary Heard:

"I've got about 2 hours of sleep per night in the last few weeks, I've got no idea what's going on" - Liz Bellis while drinking a coffee at 5.30pm

"I can't beleive I train so hard just to be beaten by a pre-pubescent ginger. At least I have him in looks" - Sean Young regarding Mitch Bell.

"Hannah are you defecting to Green" - someone accusing Hannah of waivering loyalty by wearing some light green tinged ankle socks.

"I can't wait for the next quiz night to bid on Duncan's shorts" = Tobey.

"Had you known what you were getting into do you think you would have signed up?" - Hannah talk to Ching about her doing the Open after only doing CrossFit for a few weeks.

"Haha I'm not sure" - Ching in response.

"Please don't ask me to be in the Red Faction dance" - Yet somehow Chris Loftus after abandonding his team in their moment of need still created some thunder in the heart of team captain Hannah.

Notable Performances:

This section I feel it would be a little unfair to single out people while leaving others amazing performances out. Just because some people got bigger lifts or higher scores doesn't really indicate someone putting in more effort or having a personal win.

I think all the Rookies did amazingly and all the people who pushed outside their comfort zone to try something challening.

By the numbers:

0 - Missed workouts in week 5 from CrossFit Claremont! Amazing stuff.

1 - The Squat Cleans Pete unncesarily did after thought he had to in the complex.

11:42 - The fastest time in the gym for 21.3. Almost like Mitch had two strong hearts.

20 - Conor Blycha's worldwide ranking for the 15 year old males!

1453 - Total scorecards printed over the 3 weeks.

The Final Scores:

Firstly, I thought we could take a moment to pay homage to the successful teams of years gone by.

Hall of Fame

2018 - Blue Faction:

Mitch Conte, Cooper Lindsay, Adam Boyd, Nat Allison, Nadine Gyllham, Rob Herd, Chris Loftus, Mike Brooks, Aimee Gudgeon, Sasha Jones, Carina Eggleston, Marshall Allen, Marc Fisher, Danny Moss, Jason Walker, Emma D'Ambrosio, Lingee So, Kim Hall, Matt Blycha,

2019 - Black Faction

Grace Allen, Chris Blenkinsop, Hannah Brown, Emma D'Ambrosio, Nadine Gyllham, Jen Hunter, Chantel Momberg, Ryan Baker, Mitch Bell, Mike Brooks, Dan D'Ambrosio, Marc Fisher, Quentin Lenormond, Ervin Ng, Isaac Rasmussen, Lane Sanderson, Sean Sweeney, Jason Walker

Coming into the final week after two workouts with a similar stimulus, many predicted a strong chance of there being a chain reaction double workout, which eventuated. This meaning only half the scores being in previously and meaning almost anything could happen to the leaderboard. All teams were playing to win,

The 21.3 scores from the Thrusters and Bar workout came through as: 5th Gold: 190 minutes, 56 seconds.

4th Red: 188 minutes, 29 seconds

3rd Purple: 188 minutes, 8 seconds

2nd Blue: 186 minutes, 51 seconds

1st Green: 183 minutes, 23 seconds

Following up was the complex, with the total pounds lifted were: 5th Gold: 1653lbs

4th Purple: 1971lbs

3rd Blue: 1883lbs

2nd Red: 1884lbs

1st Green: 2090lbs

So after 4 events, the final points standings were:

1st: Green: 4 points

2nd: Blue: 12 points

3rd: Red: 14 points

=4th: Gold/Purple: 15 points

The war is over and everyone within the gym can go back to being friends again and can wear mutliple clothing colours without being ostracised. Some things were said, but every time you cry, I think it just really shows how much you cared.

Thanks so much for everyone's participation in such a fun year. It had been a while since the last open and getting together to do it as a community it was great to having that energy back. It's not an easy thing to do - put yourself in a high pressure down situations where every week your effort goes up for the world to see. But I think it's something that builds amazing character, it's easy to hide away. The more you put yourself in uncomfortable situations, the more you will grow as a person. It's great to be humbled.

This year I was really impressed with the amazing attitudes of everyone, the smiling faces and positivity towards your own and others' efforts. The main thing to remember is these workouts, or any others don't define you. You aren't being paid for your work and your career isn't dependent on it. However we can use the way we carry ourselves and way we react to situations as something that helps us mold into a better person.

Maybe you outdid your expectations - that's amazing. But if you didn't maybe it was something in your control, but maybe it wasn't. Don't hinge your happiness on something you can't control - the results of other people. Let's keep using workouts to become fitter and healtier but also use them to build our character and better people.

See you next time!!

(A free Fitaid or Kill Cliff 4 pack for the first person who can list all the John Farnham references above)

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