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The Open Close 23.2 - We're close to closing.

Wellllll.. 2 down or 3 down, depending on how you look at it.

Floor tape stocks shot up 20% on the ASX after the announcement of what many predicted during the week, a new movement: shuttle runs. It was nice for many of us to finally feel something, with a little turnaround touch and an accurate grab onto the bar required. Then many got what they had been dreaming of with a 1RM lift. A balanced week where people got something that they wanted or perhaps nothing they wanted.

Friday Night Lights was pumping, with over 50 people throwing down and some incredible efforts were displayed. Everyone was very accommodating with a more difficult week to organise logistically.

On his last night before heading off to the Congo, Mitch beat the best score from the Live Announcement! Not something you will see very often (ever).

It was sad to bid farewell to Mitch and Georgia but I'm sure they will run out of money and be back before we know it!

Things Gary Heard: "I'm gonna drop some random no reps on Mitch's final workout to see shit hit the fan" - Tobey

"That's not Adam Lawless, that's Adam Flawless". Unknown, (I think it was his Mum).

"Should I get you a helmet or..?" Scott to Britt after grazing her head with a thruster attempt.

"Tapey Tapey Tapey" - Liam sang to himself as Jason paced around asking everyone if they had seen the tape. Liam was sitting on it.

"You pushed me!" - Kayla to Liz

Notable performances:

_ After only just starting CrossFit and deciding last minute to do the Open, Kayla was hoping for just some harmless fun. Unfortunately, well-placed sources report that all week Liz had been talking to Purple about how "hopefully no one from Green has an accident this week and isn't able to do the workout with an injury". Did Liz push Kayla off the pull-up bar? That's for the courts to decide, but Kayla under duress managed to get the workout done at the last minute which could prove critical in the final standing.

_ Shauny B for the rib coming good and cranking out a 100+ kilo thruster after only minutes before being unable to complete shuttle runs.

_ Mitch and Fraser for the part A workouts. Both getting into the set of 35 Burpee Pull Ups was amazing.

_ Joe with a spine-twisting effort on his last thruster. (He's a doctor so it's all good).

_ Tim Day's redo attempt relishing the 37-degree heat.

_ Ervin dumping a bar behind him for a failed Thruster almost ending the life of someone behind him.

_ Stew for changing his running track and deciding for his route to now be out the door.

_ Cam W and Big Matty for both getting the workouts done overseas.

23.2 by the numbers:

0 - Unsubmitted scores. Incredible scenes.

Not many - the people who didn't PR their thruster. Amazing stuff after such a gruelling working before.

2 - Cameras that stopped working for Conor and Emily's online submissions

70: Mitch's worldwide placing for part A!

Weekly Standings:

To quote Stalin, "New recruits for the meat grinder!" After week 1 each team received two new team members, could they help sway the results..?


4th: Green (1870 reps)

3rd: Red (1900 reps)

2nd: Purple (1943 reps)

1st: Blue (1961 reps)

In a week of some dramatic sporting results where something that's only occurred 4 times in nearly 150 years of test cricket happened, I think it's fair to say this was a bigger shock. For the results to completely flip after week one is a further indication that we are purely just living in a simulation run by some kind of overlords.


4th: Purple (2446kg)

3rd: Blue (2655kg)

2nd: Red (2711kg)

1st: Green (2717kg)

Whaaat, almost another complete flip. It's so unbelievable it has to be real. You can't script this kind of stuff.

Overall standings:

4th: Purple (9 placing points)

3rd: Blue (8 placing points)

2nd: Red (7 placing points)

1st: Green (6 placing points)

Well, life doesn't get much more exciting folks, with every team mathematically, emotionally and spiritually having a chance to win - this is why we play the game!

Make sure you have a heat booked in this week for Friday Night Lights or the Monday 9am Public Holiday workout!

Take some extra multivitamin powder, and let's get ready for one last big push! (Ironically, also what I currently have to tell my toilet training toddler..)

Let's gooooo

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