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Registration is Open for the 2024 CrossFit Open

Updated: Mar 10

The Open is back beginning March 1st! While the Open is indeed the first qualifying process for the CrossFit Games - it's primarily designed as an event for the CrossFit community as a whole and a great way to test your fitness and be part of our own CrossFit Claremont community.

It is 3 workouts over 3 weeks. As each year, we will be holding a 'Friday Night Lights' where we get together to do the workouts together as a community, encourage each other and talk about how terrible that was and have some food, drinks and chat afterwards. Friday Night Lights is 5.30pm.

The workouts will also be done as our WOD on Mondays, so if you are unable to make it on Friday you will still have the option to complete the workout (as long as the workout is something logistically possible to be done in a class).

Our favourite part of the CrossFit Claremont Open experience is the Draft leading into the Open and being a part of the faction teams. Everyone from the Gym who has registered will be selected in the draft and assigned to a faction that a coach will captain. Each week everyone's scores from the faction get added together and there will be a weekly winner along with a winner overall. Your faction captain and teammates are there to help you with any uncertainty or questions. Especially if this is your first Open, it helps make it a lot less intimidating,

With scoring towards your team, it is your total reps or time added together, rather than placings. This puts an emphasis on participation being the most important thing for your faction

The Faction Captains are:

Wacey: Blue Faction

Jason: Green Faction

Nate: Red Faction

and for their debut Captain seasons: Nikki: Purple and Jess with Yellow

On Tuesday before the Open, you will be drafted into a faction! So make sure you are signed up before then. At Friday Night Lights you need to be dressed in your team colours - if not your team will receive a 10 point deduction.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the coaches.

If you are thinking about or have already registered for the Open, you need to be following the Open/Performance track. Our Fitness track is for Fitness, not CrossFit competition.

FAQs: Is there a place info will be released each week for the workouts? Your captain will provide you with regular updates. Join the channel #theopen or email and ask to be added to the Slack Open group so you can be provided with regular information releases.

When do I need to be signed up by? Our In-House teams will be made up at 10am on Tuesday the 27th of Feb. So you need to be signed up before then.

Am I fit enough to do the Open? Yes. There will always be a version of the workout you are able to do. Speak to a coach if you aren't sure and have questions :)

I might not be able to make Friday Night Lights, when else can I do the workout? Friday night lights and any of the Monday classes will be the only time official scores and workouts can be completed. If neither of these suit you, contact Jason well in advance. Unless you have got it approved with Jason outside of these times, you can just do. a video submission.

What's happening with the Public Holiday on the 4th of March Public Holiday? There will be a normal WOD at 8am and then at 9am the Open workouts run in a similar fashion to Friday Night Lights with a signup form at the front desk.

Does anything happen after The Friday Night Lights workout? We head to Grill'd in Claremont for mental and physical recovery and debrief.

What are the most important things I can do to prepare myself physically for the Open? It is too late for too much more strength or fitness, this is done during the year prior. However, you can:

1. Ensure you are following the Performance track to ensure you are being exposed to Open-like movements and workouts.

2. Make sure you are achieving the correct Range of Motion in all movements. If you want a greater understanding of the correct range of motion for movements it's beneficial to do the CrossFit Judges Course.

3. While there isn't much time to get fitter, there is ample time to learn or develop new and improved skills. Pull back the intensity in workouts and focus on better technique, get to the Gymnastics class, get to the Weightlifting class, and practise in Open Gym. All these things could help develop you to do something you couldn't do before.

4. Get plenty of sleep and look after yourself from now until then.

You can find information about the Open and register here:  When you register choose your Affiliate as 'CrossFit Claremont'.

Some great info is here:  CrossFit have also created a resource called "The Open Info" which helps answer a few questions.

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