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CrossFit Open 2020

What, The Open...? I've physically and mentally only just recovered from earlier this year you may be thinking?! If you haven't been following the recent changes to the CrossFit Games Rules and landscapes - don't stress, you don't need to. All you need to know is that it's going down again. The first workout will be coming out on the 12th of October and will be once again going for 5 weeks. As it's coming in close proximity to the last Open it's not going to be quite as involved as previous with us taking a year off the faction carnival and Friday Night Lights on every week. Sad for all the team Black crew members who swept all before them, even for the White and Purple teams who got to witness what were some seriously special performances. However it still will be a great time to push yourself and throw down with your friends. We will announce a few mini events as we go along. We will definitely gear up towards a big Friday Night lights for the fifth and final workout too! You will have two different options to do the workouts: - The first will be during out 'Competition Class' on Saturday at 10.30am. As it always is, this class is open to all fitness levels. - As every other year, the Open will be the Workout of the Day on Monday for all the classes, so you may as well sign up as you will be doing it anyway (unless we are logistically faced with a workout that can't be done in a large scale setting). Remember The Open is suitable for all fitness levels. We have had everyone from pre-teens to Grandparents in their 80s participate! If you're fit enough to do a normal class at any level then you can do the Open! It will not be a requirement for all participants to do the judges course this year either. If you have any questions please ask a coach or contact us directly. You can sign up at https://open.crossfit.com/ If you want to re live the fun from previous year, check our the 'CFC Open Info' feed here: https://www.crossfitclaremont.com.au/blog/category/The%20Open

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