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Royal Show Arrangements

Hi Crew,

As you are probably aware, due to the Royal Show each year, we are required to temporarily vacate our premises.

This year, starting from Monday the 9th of September, we will be heading to the same location as last year: The Nedlands Rugby Union Club located at 181 Broadway Nedlands! We will be moving out this Saturday after classes. If you would like to help you will be given free food, FitAid and everlasting love. Any time you can spare would be amazing! This Saturday's classes will be modified with Weightlifting at 7.30am and a class at 8.30am.

This time, while it may seem slightly inconvenient, allows us the opportunity to get outside and utilise the best time of year to train! We will take along with us, a great range of equipment to ensure that we continue to provide you with a vast range of workouts in a fun environment. You will still receive the same high quality coaching - but for a limited time only - with fresh air and river views.

Also coming up is: Swim WOD: After the success of the past two years we are once again going to run our Swim workouts down at Claremont Pool. This class will be run by Coach Liz Bellis - a former Individual Rotto Swim winner. For those who have done this before she provides an insane amount of technical feedback and some of the improvements some people have had have been insane! She has taken non swimmers: Nass and Jason from being barely able to swim - to beating Grace and Lingee (both lifelong swimmers - what a day that was!) Swim WOD will run on a Sunday, Starting September 8th at 9am.

Swim WOD will have an initial benchmark recorded for everyone and drills that progress over the 5 week period followed by a retest. So clear the schedule and try to attend each session if you want to maximise your results. Run Club: On 9.30 Saturday will be holding Run Club. This will be some coached running skill and technique work followed by some running workouts. With True Grit coming up this is a great chance to improve your running fitness and efficiency and make the day a little more enjoyable.

The rest of the timetable is below, and you will be able to see this all via your Zen Planner app. If you have any questions please let us know.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and support during this time. We're looking forward to having a heap of fun!!

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