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20 Club April 2019

Congratulations to these members who have made a strong commitment to their health and fitness by making 20 classes or more. 25+ Kim Hall Siobhane Byrne 20+ Mitch Bell Georgia Bird Danny Moss Cat Monahan John (Jack) Thurtell Nat Allison Emma D'Ambrosio Sean Sweeney Kate Malcolm Chris Blekinsop Peter D'Alessandro Pip Campbell-Ross Matt Blycha Mike Brooks

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20 Club October 2020

Congratulations to those people to attender 20 or more classes this month. You have made a strong commitment to your health and fitness! 20 Club: Quentin L Pete D Carina E Adam L. Usaid Steven M 25+

20 Club September 2020

20 Club: Barbara C Conor B Dom M Harry S 25+ Club Nat A Tobey R Shaun B Milla K