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The Open Close 19.5 - Closing Close

Well thanks to all who participated and came down to cheer along for another great year #intheopen As per usual there was a heap of PBs and people doing stuff they thought they couldn't. A big pat on the back to the people who dived in. It's scary putting yourself out there, vulnerable and out of your comfort zone, but that's where we make big changes and get that personal growth. You will never reach your true potential without having a go! Faction Carnival results: The 5th week scores were: Purple: 2157 White: 2214 Black: 2773 There's been a lot of great teams in the history of sport, but this team black was right up there. A flawless display going 5 from 5. Selflessness, cohesion, sacrifice and the greater good were their core values. The Black Team Members were: Grace Allen, Chris Blenkinsop, Hannah Brown, Emma D'ambrosio, Nadine Gyllhamn, Jennifer Hunter, Chantel Momberg, Ryan Baker, Mitch Bell, Michael Brooks, Dan D'Ambrosio, Marc Fischer, Quentin Lenormand, Ervin Ng, Issac Rasmussen, Lane Sanderson, Sean Sweeney, Jason Walker

Following up from Team Blue's win last year, these will be the crew looking to make it 3 seasons in a row. You can consider yourself the elite of the elite and you now have permission to take other peoples barbells, rowers etc. If someone is on your favourite pull up bar, it's now yours. Marc Fisher Nadine Gyllham Mike Brooks Emma D'Amboriso Jason Walker It came down to the final week where it was all tied up, but congrats to Team White who took out second plate. I think as an Affiliate we really had some great high end results too for some of the crew that really put some pretty heavy work in on a regular basis. For the guys we we had 7 of the top 42 and the girls 3 on the top 50 which is pretty impressive considering WA has 50 odd affiliates. Well done to our award winners Best First Year: Isaac with 38% of votes. Shane with 23% and Lauren with 19%

Dummy Spit Award: Kim with 30% of votes. Brooks with 15%, Liz and Isaac 12% Most Improved: Cooper with 41% of votes. Emma with 17% and Sean Y with 14% Spirit of Purple: Kim with 42% of votes. Adam, Kate and Danny had 12% Spirit of White: Guy with 42% of votes. (Those white shorts will live fondly in our memories for years to come). Carina had 15% Spirit of Black: Emma with 32% of votes. Marc and Mitch had 16% Fittest Dad: Rob Herd Fittest Mum: Hannah Brown Big things next year: Sean Y with 26% of votes Liz and Cooper had 15%

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