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New Timetable Trial!

After reaching out and getting a heap of feedback (which was amazing) we have sifted through it all and tried to make some changes which will hopefully bring widespread increased fitness. The changes will begin this Sunday the 14th of April and can be found below. SUNDAY: 9am: Crossfit ; This time was the runaway winner so we are going with that!

10am: Mobility - Had a lot of people interested in a Mobility class, great rest day stuff! Open Gym will run from 10am - 11.30pm WEDNESDAY: 5.30am Sweat & 6am Weightlifting - we had quite a few requests for some early morning lifting so we thought we would give it a trial. If that's really not your jam the option is to come 30 minutes early and hit a Sweat class. Sweat is generally a longer workout that is barbell free and more conditioning based. 10.15am: Weightlifting - Once again this was the runaway winner for mid morning Weightlifting preference, so if you're interested don't miss it!

THURSDAY: 10.15am: Gymnastics - Will run alongside our evening Gymnastics class program. Over the past 2 months we have had extremely low and unsustainable attendance to to our evening Gymnastic. This is a class we love to run and it provides so much value. Gymnastic movements take time, practise and progressions to improve, make it a priority if that stuff excites you! FRIDAY: Noon: Crossfit - Option for an early knock off or post school assembly. If you requested these classes and want them to stay, make sure you get to them. If attendance is low, we will revert to the old schedule. You can find the timetable here and also by logging in through the Zen Planner App. We love to get feedback so anytime you have any idea's or suggestions please let us know at

If you have any questions on the timetable please contact us or ask a coach.

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