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The Open Close 19.1: The Closed is now Open

Well, what a week it was in the Open. No Cryptic Castro Clues and no live announcements, but what remained the same was that the workout released was a soul crusher which will left us questioning how we were going to make it through. Once again things kicked off with the draft. All captains came with their recruiting strategy which in a snapshot appeared to be: Wacey (White Faction) - Pick a well rounded squad with a combination of solid citizens and consistent athletic performers. Bellis, Elizabeth Bird, Georgia Eggleston, Carina Hartman, Melissa Monahan, Cat Robinson, Tobey Buckley, Damon Herd, Rob Lane, Duncan Cooper, Lindsay Loftus, Chris Maloney, Shane Mamotte, Paul McGreal, Dom Siekierka, Scott Stimson, Guy Thurtell, John

Jason (Black Faction) - A team alphas who are not only are extremely fit but also make a team photo you would be proud to show your grandkids in a few decades down the track. Walker, Jason Allen, Grace Blenkinsop, Chris Brown, Hannah D'ambrosio, Emma Gyllhamn, Nadine Hunter, Jennifer Momberg, Chantel Baker, Ryan Bell, Mitch Brooks, Michael D'Ambrosio, Dan Fischer, Marc Lenormand, Quentin Ng, Ervin Rasmussen, ​Isaac Sanderson, Lane Sweeney, Sean

Kat (Purple Faction) - What initially appeared to be a tactic to try and put the other captains off with haphazard selections, it soon became apparent that even though she's had months of preparation and done this before Kat had no idea what was going on and had put little no thought into what was transpiring. Aitkinson, Lauren Campbell-Ross, Pip Garner, Kate Golding, Camilla Hall, Kim Keep, Myra Mackaay, Christie Mignacca, Bobbie Allen, Marshal Ashley-Bunn, Simon Clayton, Adam D'Alessandro, Peter Gudgeon, Manasseh Liberatore, Christian Lindquist, Ben Moss, Daniel Warner, Mike Young, Sean 19.1 - I thought someone from CrossFit HQ accidentally turned Facebook Live on while their phone was in their pocket, but apparently that was actually their intended footage for the workout announcements. Wall Balls - you either love em, hate em or don't mind em. Once I saw that rowing was the other movement I got a sense of dread. I knew that we were gonna lose a couple rowers, most likely 4-5 if Kimmy decides to send it this year and doesn't hold back. I downloaded the Nimble Loans app and prayed the damage would be limited to just 2-3. You can't fight a hurricane, you just have to applaud its power. Our first Friday Night Lights for the year had a great turnout with 37 people completing the workout! Unfortunately one notable absentee was the Purple captain, who sent in a late text and didn't make it down...

Things Gary heard: "What team am I in?" - everyone in Purple Faction after receiving no correspondence of any kind from their captain. "I bet you $50 I won't repeat any workouts" Sean Young to Nass [1 down 4 to go vibes]

"Looks like Purples the fun team" - Kate Garner (Purple Member) "We don't care about winning, we're about having fun and being nice" - Kate Garner "If things go to plan Saturday night, there might be a fourth generation of Allen's doing the Open soon" - Grace Allen "You do 8 Rounds and get back onto the Rower like Coop and I'll do 8 rounds too" - Georgia Bird to her boyfriend Mitch. "I'm pacing myself, I'm really doing it!!!" - Cooper after 3 rounds and in almost disbelief "Let's all come in Sunday Open Gym, just make some scores up and submit them" - Purple Team The numbers: -1 - The amount of extra reps Liz got in her repeat 0 - Amount of white booty shorts Dunc has worn (booo) 1 - How many Open workouts there have been this year. 2 - How many more Open workouts there will be before 19.4 3 - The times Rob did this workout, twice in a day! Pray for his legs. 4 - Nass's total warmup reps done before 19.1 (that's if you include 2 of the first set of Wall Balls) 56 - CFC Athletes signed up for the open.

586 - The Cal Per Hour reading on Nass's rower late in the workout as the result of him sending it a little too much. Notable performances: - Cooper is the youngest person we have registered for the Open, and he also got the biggest score of week 1! After his trip to the casino on his 18th birthday everything seems to be coming up Cooper. - Our oldest registered participant Geoff Allen completed his first Open workout in his 80s! - Georgia, Damo, Paul, Jen, Isaac, Lauren, Pip, Camilla, Christian all a big well done for completing your first Open workout! Week 1 Standings: After Friday Night Lights there were a lot of White Faction chests being pushed out with several being heard saying "White has the top two scores!" I know the approach from Black Faction is a team oriented approach, with individuals not taking note of their individual scores only knowing what the total team tally is.

Amazing attendance for week 1, with only one person not submitting a score and that was due to them being on a whale hunting trip and not having a rower on board. But after the final scores were submitted the standings were: 1st: Black - 4663 reps 2nd: White - 4444 reps 3rd: Purple - 4317 reps. So Week 1 and 1 point goes to Black Faction, with 4 (potentially more) workouts and points up for grabs, it's anyones game. Scoring will be your total teams reps, time or load lifted so getting a score on the board is the most important thing for your team!

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