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The Open Close 2019: The Open of the Open Close

Welcome back! It's been an eventful time between updates - The Eagles won the football, Australia lost the cricket and we've had 6 new Prime Ministers. However Sweeney still loves Potatoes, Kim is putting over her pay packet into her eyebrow regime but everyone is still grinding and the Open has come around again!

The CrossFit Open is a 5 week Online Competition where everyone in the world is invited to test your fitness. For CrossFit Claremont it's a social event, a chance to get together, throw down, push yourself and have some beers and laughs afterwards. If you want to relive some of last years highlights, click the "The Open" tagged posts from last year. The Open workouts will be done as we do them every year, during Friday night lights. From 5.30pm on Friday evenings we will run the Open workouts, where you will, cheer on your fellow crew along with complete the workouts and judge each others workouts. Friday night lights will only be for people are registered.

The dates are: Week 1: February 22nd Week 2: February 28th Week 3: March 8th Week 4: March 15th Week 5: March 22nd The most common question we get is am I fit enough or ready to do the Open? If you have ever completed a CrossFit class, you are fit enough to do the Open. Last year we introduced our Factions, which due to being such a great success we will run again this year. The factions will be used as a team within a team. Factions keep each other accountable, motivate, talk tactics and depending on the combined individual scores will get a weekly placing. The most important thing for your faction is that you participate as if you miss the workout, your team will get the maximum possible score. Gold, led by Kat - came last. Black, led by Nass - was an also ran. Blue, (the dream team) - led by Wacey and littered with superstars won every week bar one and romped home to a dominating performance. With less then half the non participants of the other teams, it was their bond that got them through This year we once again have 3 factions: Purple, with Kat as captain. White, with Wacey as captain. Black, with Jason as captain. The Open draft will be held on Thursday the 21st of Feb, so make sure you have registered by the 20th otherwise you will miss out on a faction. Anytime you complete an Open workout not in your team colours your team will receive a deduction depending on the workout.

What do I need to do? Sign up at games.crossfit.com and select your Affiliate as CrossFit Claremont. As we judge each other and to get a better understand of what's required for movement standards, you are also required to complete the Judges course. That can be found on the CrossFit Games website. If you're looking to get some practise, our Competition Club Class on 10.30am on Saturday's is suitable for all fitness level and designed to prepare for CrossFit Competitions with competition style workouts.

If you have any questions, just get in contact with any of our coaches and remember to have fun!

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