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Nutrition Challenge 2019

While exercise and training is what we specialise in and spend a lot of our focus - Nutrition is a huge factor in your Health, Fitness, Performance and maintaining a desirable body composition.

As pictured below, CrossFit has always regarded Nutrition as the 'base of the pyramid'. If you can optimize it, everything else will function better and have a higher ceiling.

Over the years we have had some different Nutrition challenges, all of which have been principles that we incorporate ourselves and agree with from a performance and holistic standpoint. Generally based around eating as much real food as possible and a good mix of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates.. Our 2018 Nutrition Challenge was an outline designed to be as simple as possible with a minimum of rules and regulations.

This year we are going to take a bit of a different approach where we will look to address goals, habits, likes, dislikes and individual schedules of an individual basis. There are several programs that will hand out a 'cookie cutter' macronutrient recommendation, or simply enforce a regime with minimal calorie intake potentially alongside a large amount of exercise. If you become reliant no a low energy intake and large amount of exercise to get results, you have nowhere to go. However, we want to create a program where we actually increase your metabolic rate and aren't relying on starvation. With a system being designed around creating habits and finding something that will work for you long term. Your training should supplement your nutrition in achieving aesthetic results and also support mood, brain function and movement quality.

Challenge Outline:

Chantel Baker will be running the program. She has completed her Performance Nutrition Coaching, is currently studying Nutrition and has a lot of experience with eating for both performance and fat loss as a IBFF Pro and a history in athletic endeavours.

If you wish to get on board, you will receive an individual consultation. Your program going forward will take into account lifestyle factors, food intolerances and preferences. The initial consult will include a weigh in, measurements as well as a discussion about fitting your nutrition into your schedule. You will learn how to track food, even when eating out Following your consultation, as part of the challenge you will receive: - Support via an online group with fellow challengers - Weekly check in and program tweak if required Start: Monday the 4th of February, generally where a lot of us are getting back into our normal routines once the silly season comes to an end. Duration: While we are hoping to create long term habits, this challenge is going to run for 8 weeks. Cost: $129 Availability: To ensure a quality product, there will be a maximum of 20 spots available.

There is pre program questionnaire that is required to be filled out before starting the challenge, along with your initial consultation. Spots will be closed by February 1.

Interested? Contact to reserve your spot or to ask any further questions.

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