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The Open Close 18.3 - [The Notorious G.O.A.T.] VIP Spoon Edition

What a week it’s been #intheopen, much like any successful sporting team you need a mental release and the powers at be decided that a good old fashioned steam up was the course of action for week 3. Saturday Night took a few prisoners with many nursing sore heads on Sunday. The competitive juices were flowing like the Avon River after some heavy late Autumn rain. Beer Pong, Fingers, Slap Cup were a good change in scenery from a CrossFit WOD, yet still kept the teeth sharp and like Friday Night Lights, our athletes showed up with their A game.

Some people definitely did their reputation no harm with Zach “Bottomless Pit” once again a strong contender for top votes. Mitch “Inverted Camera Function” Conte let people know he’s not just about selfies, and showcased his Robin Hood like accuracy with a ball in hand.

However not all news was peaches and cream with some disappointing performances coming out. Mitch “Skater Boy” Bell showing he’s about as good at drinking games as his Muscle Ups were in his first 18.3 attempt. Brad “Gotta get my 11 hours” Carey stuck true to form and smoke bombed out just before 10pm, a disappointing performance from the supposed Doctor who uses the word “party” as a verb.

In terms of the workout it was our biggest week yet at Friday Night Light’s. True Protein, PB Box and Beastmode Athletica all coming down for the evening.

If you liked limping around for a few days in jacked calves this was a great fun. With more reps in this workout than any other in Open History this workout provided a great opportunity for everyone. It may have been getting more Double Unders than before, a new PR on an Overhead Squat, a first Muscle Up or a chance to really push your skills under fatigue.

After the dust settled the scores were compiled for week 1. for the week came out: 1st Place: Blue 390

2nd Place: Black 417

3rd Place: Gold 445

The running totals now sitting at: 1st Place: Blue 1529

2nd Place: Black 1653

3rd Place: Gold 1736

Fun fact: 71% of the Earth is Water. Water gives off a Blue colour. Blue wins 71% of Open Faction workouts, the other 29% they also win too.

However, with a minimum of 2, maybe 3 or 4 workouts left. There is plenty of time for movement. Who knows, half of the Blue team may get abducted by aliens?

Out of the Mouth Week 1: Marshall Allen: (Blue) *On returning to the Office Monday morning, Celebration by Kool and the Gang playing in the background* “Guys, there’s a new Sheriff in Town”.

Emily: (Employee at Viburnum Funds) “Yeah I sit near Marshall, so I’ve heard quite a bit about the first Muscle Up(s). Good news is the second Monday of March has now been declared a Public Holiday, named ‘Air Marshall Day’. So, it’s a win for everyone really”.

Dan Moss (Blue): “F*** Me, for f***s sake. F*** this!!!” Kat ‘I’m 108’ Birch (Gold/Yellow Captain): “We aren’t worried about winning in Gold. We just want to have fun”.

Chrsitine Blekinsopp: (Black): “I think I’m more than doing my bit, I just need some other Black team members to come to the party”.

18.3 – The numbers

0 – The number of Double Unders Kate Malcolm missed over 2 attempts at this workout. If you got scored on prettiness of movement in workouts she would be a clear leader.

2 – Keg’s that were finished on Saturday Night. Lauren Walker: “You won’t finish one, let alone two”, well the challenge was accepted, and the crew got it done and with change.

3 – Marshall’s Muscle Ups. We jest, but a first Muscle Up is always a big achievement especially under fatigue. Well done mate.

7 – The amount of reps Brad Carey was beaten by his rival - Ashley Neumeier, who is a new Mum living in rural Canada.

42- David Flack’s lifetime and Double Unders he got in 18.3 Well done!

182 – The number of extra reps Mitch Bell got in his repeat. Very inspiring to see him apply himself, give it a good crack and better himself. Coincidentally, 182 is the exact same amount of cups he missed in Beer Pong. Can't win 'em all....

Notable Performances:

  • Chris Loftus and his skull endurance. Video here (be careful this video does contain some poor language and also the degradation of a human psyche: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE21DXOkWIY

  • Noah giving everything he had to grind out some Overhead Squats above his 1RM. I’m sure next year this weight won’t be an issue.

  • Marshall Allen initially not even going to try a Muscle Up on his Monday attempt, in the end he got 3!!

  • Rob Herd the second time not only getting through the Overhead Squats which he couldn’t the first time, but also getting his first 3 Muscle Ups!

  • Carina with some Unbroken Double Under PRs.

  • Paul Watts has really knuckled down in the last month to work on his double unders. To see them go so well on the weekend was great to see and a strong testament to pushing through something that may not come straight away.

I'll see you all Friday night - The goat master

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