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The Open Close: 18.2

It’s been another big week #intheopen For the welfare of the equipment and everyone in the gym I’m just thankful there was no rowing again this week. If you didn’t catch it last week, once Kim started rowing it simulated a scene from twister where everyone nearby was getting dragged out of their bunkers and sucked into a whirling, twirling chaos. In Kim’s own words “I had to force myself to slow down for everyone’safety.” Unfortunately the C2’s Calorie readout doesn’t go to 5 digits so we will never know how fast she really went. For anyone who saw it in the flesh, they certainly won’t forget that anytime soon.

There were some late signups and we have some new faction members:

Gold: Siobhan Drake-Brockman Fiona Salter Black: Berny Schmidt James Rodriguez Blue: Paige Glenn Tim Gosling Cat Monahan

Out of the mouth Week 1:

Sean Sweeney (Gold): “To be honest Kat’s leadership could be stronger, she just doesn’t quite have the presence of the Blue and Black Captains. However I’m confident we might not finish last”.

Jack Thurtell (Black): “Nass scratched his knee playing tiddlywinks and refused to repeat even after his poor performance in 18.1. I’ve got the flexibility of a rock yet you still see me out there having a dip”. Mitch Conte (Blue): “Initially I was annoyed by the team policy of no shirtless selfies. I can understand why Blue the team went in that direction and I’m committed to sticking to our processes.” Major news of the week was the mental capitulation of the Black team after a Facebook hack by a nameless, goodlooking Blue team member against the captain of Black. A picture speaks a thousand words so let’s just let these screenshots have their day…

CrossFit HQ dropped a movement style many would hoping would appear again, a workout followed by a Max Lift. Not many people enjoy burpees but dangling a carrot of a heavy lift it motivated everyone to try and get it done.

Friday Night had a huge turnout once again with the atmosphere electric. With plenty of PBs and big lifts it was an exciting place to be!

With two sets of scores there was potential for a lot of movement. This week Blue were the only team with 100% participation which in the end was the decisive factor in the result. 18.2

1st Place: Blue 358 2nd Place: Black 414

3rd Place: Gold 472

18.2A 1st Place: Blue 388 2nd Place: Gold 390 3rd Place: Black 427

Running Total: Blue: 1139 Black: 1236

Gold: 1333

The scores were close, however I don’t think the results were surprising. The composure, willingness to work for each other and sex appeal of Blue ever present and ensuring success

18.2 – The numbers

0 – The warm up attempts Kat planned to take before her 1RM attempt. (To her credit she pretty much did it and it worked).

1 – The amount of times I’ve seen someone (Sean Sweeney) run to the fridge mid workout and grab a FitAid and start chugging. Also the amount of times he threw up afterwards.

2 – The points separating Blue and Gold in 18.2A. If you’re in Gold, just think: “If I had only done slightly better we would have won”. Just sit and think about that, chances are you lost it for your team.

3 – The workouts Blue has won (out of a possible 3).

27,786 – Brad Carey’s worldwide ranking.

Notable performances:

  • Christine Blenkinsop: As a master to get the 6th fastest time for 18.2 was quite incredible. She’s smoking it and sitting 404th in the world for her category!

  • Brad Carey: From his first attempt he took nearly 3 minutes off. The burpee King has been crowned. He did say “I’ll never miss 115kg” which I suppose was true because he never even got the chance to attempt it because he failed so much beforehand.

  • Noah Mackaay: Holding 2 Dumbbells roughly the same size of him. He fought hard to grind through those squats.

  • Zach: Giving the loaders his run down “Yep 100, then 110, then 120”. Haha unfortunately things didn’t quite go to plan for Zach and 100 was the end.

  • Sasha Jones: Don’t think I’ve ever met someone who hates burpees more. Yet I didn’t hear her complain once beforehand and she wasn’t far from finishing!

  • Theresa Moss: Hopped straight off the plane, did a warm up in the car and with nearly her 1RM she fought through the Dumbbell Squats early Tuesday morning.

  • Angela Goh: As easy as Chris Loftus picks up chicks on Tinder, effortlessly pulled a huge 78kg Clean. Gold are lucky to have you! Can’t say the same for the girls you pick up, Chris.

  • Nass: After copping last weeks spray on the chin he limped onto the floor, ground through 18.2 and then ripped a massive 151kg Power Clean. Inspiring stuff from the Black captain and reminds us how you’re the second strongest coach.

  • Lauren Walker – successfully hid 12 weeks of pregnancy, don’t think one person in the gym suspected it..

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