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The Open Close: 18.1

Woweeeeee what a first week of the Open! Wednesday noon all 3 captains walked away from draft day feeling quietly confident with their squads. How would these poor souls perform over the next 5 weeks was the fitness origami that was about to (un)fold. No matter how a team looks on paper, it’s always about the squad coming together a cohesive unit and captains went away with various forms of setting their standards and core values.

Upon first impression of each team, many were left thinking.. Gold: (also known commonly as yellow) Team Captain Kat This was the sort of team you wouldn’t mind dating your sister. Friendly, polite but are they going to have that killer instinct to go in for the kill when the time is right. I’m hoping not.

Black: Team Captain Nass

Black team seems to be the team banking on close relationships. Jack and Chris, Kate and Sue Malcolm, Nass and Aimee. Generally, I’ve found relationships and CrossFitting together a recipe for disaster, but I suppose only time will tell how this batch turns out.

Blue: Team Captain Wacey

This is the team that has everyone licking their lips. It’s hard to ignore the rumour that this team was picked based solely on looks alone. Everyone has been saying this is the “good-looking team” and it’s hard to disagree when you start going through some of the names on their roster. BLUE (Big Love Unites Everyone) is their mantra and with the talent running around it’s going to be something special to topple them from the title.

For the first week Fidel went bang and pulled the trigger on the second ever 20-minute workout. With a very fast paced style triplet, is was going to be an exciting first week!

Friday Night Lights was lit right from the first minute with heats of 10 and plenty of action as people found their pace and settled into their speed. There was also Duncan Tomo-Lane who went crazy in the first 5 minutes and then died…

Monday was also a killer vibe as some did their first attempt and others who came for another bite of the cherry.

In the end the total scores were very close. Where Blue and Yellow’s captains did the team thing, repeating and getting significantly more reps, Black’s captain sat back pretty content with his effort. In the end it may have been the difference.

1st Place: Blue 393

2nd Place: Black 395

3rd Place: Gold 471

Spirit Award Week 1: Gold. Gold easily had the most people dressed from head to toe in teams colours, they have several Men wearing women’s clothing and they also bought me a Carton of Beer. (Thanks Christie – don’t tell my wife but you’re now my favourite woman in the gym, can’t wait to see what you bring this week xo)

18.1 – The Numbers

0: The people who did a repeat and didn’t beat their previous score!

1: The teams without a firefighter (Black). Could it prove to be their downfall?

5: The times Kim swore during her first attempt (a PR low)

52: CrossFit Claremont’s Australasia’s ranking.

69: Legends we have registered for the Open. We also have Brad and Chris L.

Notable performances:

  • Aimee Gudgeon bringing some honour back to the family name getting her first toes to bar, lifting the 15kg Dumbbell for the first time and getting a huge 4 rounds and 4 reps RX. Massive effort.

  • Cooper Lindsay getting 10 rounds and sitting at 255 in the world for his age group!! Gonna be great following him for the next 5 weeks.

  • Carina beating her previous PR of 1 Toes to Bar and getting 3 rounds and 1 rep!

  • Liz Bellis sitting at 64th in Australia with her 12 rounds and 3 toes to Bar!

  • Mitch Bell with a huge effort of 12 Rounds and 4 Toes to Bar to take the biggest score for the Men.

Unfortunately, we had a few people that forgot to log their score from week 1. Don’t let all your effort be in vain, log it straight away J

With the long weekend there are a few changes to how things are running this week, the details are on our website. If you’re doing Friday Night Lights please remember to register at the front desk.

Remember, you don't have to do the workouts to be a part of the fun. Come down to Friday Night Light's to watch, have some beers and cheers everyone else on!

Yours in fitness

Coach Jason.

Team Blue.

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