• Jason

Wednesday 13.12.17

25 Min AMRAP 50 Calorie Row 100 Double Unders 5 Wall Walks 5 Rope Climbs Sweat: In Pairs for Max Reps 4 Rounds: 4 minutes work, 1 minute rest 100m Sled Drag 80/60kg 100m Farmers Carry 32/24kg 100m Backwards Sled Drag 80/60kg 100m Farmers Carry 32/24kg 100m Bear Crawl Sled Drag 80/60kg Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use code CFC123 to join.


In 2013 myself and Lauren visited an Orphanage in Bali and found out a few of the girls there were Weightlifters. Luckily enough they didn't mind if I went and watched them train in Denpasar. I was scrolling through Instagram on when I came across a photo of an Indonesian Weightlifter who looked very familiar. It was Ketut Ariana Banar, and the video was a competition where he finished 6th in the world for the 69kg weight class. He is the male lifting at the end of this video. This video is just make up from a few snaps I took with my phone. I think the videos are just great motivation for how good you can become from just applying yourself. As you can see from the video the facilities aren't great but they still churn out elite lifters. They had no chalk, their bars were extremely rusted, everything was home made and their platforms wern't even level yet they were as happy as you can be.

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