• Jason

Wednesday 29.11.17

If you are intending to go to the Christmas Party please grab your ticket from the front desk. Trying to figure food and everything is really difficult when we have no idea who's coming. Thanks! Details on CrossFit Claremont Christmas Party here.


In teams of 3: 7 Min AMRAP 50 Push Press 60/42.5kg 50 Push Press 70/47.5kg AMRAP Push Press 82.5/60kg 3 minute rest 7 Min AMRAP 50 Front Squats 60/42.5kg 50 Front Squats 70/47.5kg AMRAP Front Squats 82.5/60kg 3 minutes rest

7 Min AMRAP 50 Hang Power Cleans 60/42.5kg 50 Hang Power Cleans 70/47.5kg AMRAP Hang Power Cleans 82.5/60kg Sweat: E5MOM for 5 Rounds; 400m Run 20 Burpees 15 Calorie Bike *If you don't complete the round with more then 30 seconds left, take off 2 burpees and Calories for the next round. Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Use code CFC123 to join.

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