• Jason

Tuesday 05.09.17

Congratulations to the people below who did 20 or more classes for the month of August. It's great to see so many people making a strong commitment to their health and fitness. 21 is the most we have ever had so well done to you! Dom McGreal: 20 sessions Lingee So: 31 sessions Danny Moss: 27 sessions KIm Hall: 33 sessions Mike Connors: 27 sessions Cat Monahan: 20 sessions Siobhane Byrne: 22 sessions Chris Ward: 20 sessions

John (Jack) Thurtell: 20 sessions Siobhan Drake-Brockman: 22 sessions Chris Blenkinsop: 22 sessions Chantel Baker: 21 sessions Berny Smit: 27 sessions Liz Bellis: 29 sessions Louis Littler: 20 sessions Theresa Moss: 20 sessions Vanessa Tysoe: 21 sessions Simon Weight: 26 sessions Mike Brooks: 24 sessions Ryan Smith: 20 sessions Damon Buckley: 20 sessions The Madison (Allen) Triplet 5 Rounds for time: In Pairs - 450m Run (together) 10 Sandbag Burpee Clean and throw over the hay bale 65/45kg (fence) *Partner's alternate throws. Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Join here.

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