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September 1, 2019

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Weekly Workouts 23-29 September 2019

September 22, 2019

Upcoming Events/Info
Next Monday will be a rest day due to the Public Holiday

26th October: CrossFit Claremont do True Grit - Get your regos in! (the 10.30am slot is full, book into the 10.15am instead and you can just wait)

Check the Events page for more info -

Log all workout results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Email to set up an account.

If you would like access to our Competitors/Extra's program, ask a coach.

1. 4 Rounds, alt E 90 seconds
A. 5 Pistols (per leg)
B. 2-16 Pike HSPU
*If 5 pistols are easy, aim to descend for a 3 second count and hold the bottom for 2. If you struggle, try using a light plate.
**Aim to increase the Pike HSPU from last week

2. E6MOMx4, 1 minute rest between, 5 minutes to complete work.
600/550m Row
16 alt. Pistols
Max Dumbbell Thrusters in time remaining 22.5/15kg

Strength Class:
1. S7 20 Rep Squat:
3x5 Warm up sets as required
20x80% of 5RM

2. 5 Sets for load:
4 Hang Muscle Snatch
8 Hang Power Snatch

3. Partner posterior burner:
200m Prowler Reverse Push with partner on the front. Try to just keep moving the whole time.

10 Minutes per movement, 2 minutes between

1. Build to a Heavy 20m Farmers Carry (including handles)
Compare to 19.09.18
Jason 200kg
Liz 150kg

2. OT 90 Seconds: 8x Tucked Strict Pull ups for quality

3. For time: 400m Wheelbarrow Push 50/30kg (not including wheelbarrow weight) 
Compare to 19.09.18
Mitch B 2.29
Siobhane 3.00

1. OT2M - Tempo Sandbag Squat for load 5 x 3 @ 42X1

2. 30 Minute Out-and-Back run.
First 15 minutes, focus on quality breathing position and just try to get into a sustainable and moderate rhythm.
Second 15 minutes, turn around and head back. You want to head back as fast as you can, but at a consistent pace. Should definitely be making it back before the 30 minute mark (quicker back then out).
*If you don't have a watch, do the Rugby loop. If you have a watch feel free to go where you like.

Strength Class:
1. S8 20 Rep Squat:
3x5 Warm up sets as required
20x85% of 5RM

2. 5 Rounds: 5 DB Press + 5 DB Push Press + 5 DB Push Jerk
*Aim to go each set 1 DB heavier then last week.

3. 5x20 Single Arm Dumbbell Row

1. 5x30 Second Weighted Paralette Tuck Hold

2. In teams of 3 for time:
300m Bear Crawl Sled Drag
300 Double Unders
300m Arms out Sled Drag
300m Backwards Sled Drag
300 Double Unders
300m Forward Sled Drag
Sled: 60/40kg
*35 min cap

1. A. Landmine Cossack Squat 4x10

B. Ladmine Clean and Jerk rotation 4x5 (per side)

C. Landmine Rotational Deadlift 4x10

D. Landmine Single Arm Row 4x5

2. 200m Prowler Push 25/15kg"

SATURDAY: (CrossFit 7.30 & 8.30am, Run Club at 9.30am)
In Pairs:
30 Devils Press
30/20 Calorie Row
40 DB Box Step Over 24/20"
40/30 Calorie Row
50 DB Push Press
50/40 Calorie Row
60 Sync SA DB Clean and Jerk
60/50 Calorie Row
Dumbbell: 22.5/15kg
*30 Min Cap 


9am Swim Club @ Claremont Pool. Please try to reserve a spot via Zen Planner.





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