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November 5, 2017

Make sure you have got your votes in for the end of year awards. If you should have received an email about this last week last week. If you didn't let us know.

The Rich history behind the awards:

People Choice Community Award:
2013: David Vaughan
2014: Duncan Lane & Kate Watts
2015: Bernardo Gatti & Elodie Toulet
2016: Duncan Lane & Lingee So

Most Improved Coaches Choice:
2013: David Hann & Laura Tompkins
2014: Dustin Fergus & Nat James
2015: Sean Sweeney & Anita Flynn
2016: Danny Moss & Nadine Gyllhamn/Siobhane Byrne

Most Improved Peoples Choice:
2013: Wacey Brown & Emma Hann
2014: Derek Wardrobe & Angela Goh
2015: Mike Flynn & Lingee So
2016: Travis Ursino & Kim Hall

Workout of the Day:

Ring Muscle Ups: 2 Rounds
50% of Max Unbroken Set
40% of Max Unbroken Set
30% of Max Unbroken Set
*Rest as little as possible between sets and 2 minutes between rounds.
**Scale to Dips and Strict Chest to Ring Pull Ups

For time:
Calorie Row
Power Clean 42.5/30kg
Calorie Bike
Shoulder to Overhead 42.5/30kg

4x4 Min AMRAPs,1 minute rest between.

30 Sit Ups
10 Burpees
30 Double Unders
10 Burpees
30 Jumping Lunges

Continue the AMRAP on from where you left off in the previous round.

Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. 

If you are looking for some Sunday viewing, check this doco Chasing2. Amazing story about Nike's quest to break the 2 hour Marathon. Take from it the amazing performances, the mental fortitude or the humility of these people - it's pretty amazing.



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