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Wild Goats [active recovery] Sunday 04.04.20

Active recovery day:

A couple of things:

- If you haven't received an email from either Jason or Nate today, please contact us ASAP so we can get some information out to you.

- We are running a competition for the 'Wild Goat's' logo. Send in a design or a design concept. The winning design will get a carton of FitAid.

- Please send some photos or videos of your setup at home.

- Keep tagging us on Instagram stories or Facebook. We love seeing what everyone is up to and many people have said it's really motivating for them.

For today's training:

If you’ve missed a day this week, make it up today.

Or if you have completed training every day this week:

30-60 minutes of light intensity Walk/HIke/Move/Play. Stress levels are increased whether you feel it or not. Some down-regulated training and light activity is great for the mind and body.

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