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Member of the Month March 2020 2/2 - Michael "Dirty Mike" Connors

When, how and why did you get started with us? I started about 3 and a half years ago, I'd just moved to Perth and had dabbled in CrossFit before and wanted to continue. My trial session was a partner WOD with Danny Moss and I've never looked back. What would be your dream workout? For time - max farmers hold. What workout would you want to avoid? Anything with burpees, box jumps, running, squatting, thrustering, more than 25 cal of anything per round, longer than 15min, or get me too gassed in general. Favourite Crossfit Athlete? The only person that I can think of is Brad Carey. it must be difficult training when one leg is significantly shorter than the other. Plus he's super tough because no matter how awful his posture, he refuses to do mobility exercises to work on it, so admirable. What's the best thing you own that cost under $100? Yoga wheel - stops me from having posture like Brad Carey. Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made? I wore a sleeveless hoody once. turns out I am way too white for that. Favourite quote? Relax, no one else knows what they are doing either. What's your favourite 90s jam? Forgot about Dre - Dr Dre ft. Eminem Last thing you watched on TV? Westworld. The funniest thing that happened to you recently? The CEO of the client I work for wrote a personalised letter thanking me for all the hard work I'd done thinking I was someone else. I still accepted. Most used emoji? 🤯 If you could have one other CrossFit Claremont member's body part, what would it be? Nate's guns for sure (someone has probably already said that)

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