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Member of the Month 1/2 April 2020 - Sasha Jones

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

When, how and why did you get started with us? I was part of the 9.15 en-masse arrival when Cooee closed and as a group, we wanted to keep training with Cynthia. I vividly remember our first workout which was shuttle runs, and Rachel and Jason both shook their heads as we got reps wrong and chattered through the hour. I’m sure they wished we didn’t (and wouldn’t) come back! What would be your dream workout? Anything with a heavy barbell really. I love Grace and DT. What workout would you want to avoid? Do you even need to ask? Anything with running or burpees. The end. Favourite Crossfit Athlete? Tia-Clair Toomey - because kick ass and Australian and Brent Fikowski - because adorable and Canadian (like my daughter) What's the best thing you own that cost under $100? Probably my house plants, a bottle of gin, and a good book. Could get all three together under $100 actually! Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made? I was a teenager in the 80’s which was pretty much a decade of mistakes, but I think my peach /apricot layered tee ensemble with a white frilled go-go skirt, finished off with a wide elasticised belt was the ultimate tragedy. It was quite something. Favourite quote? Always give more than you receive. . What's your favourite 90s jam? I much prefer the 70s and 80s (hello Queen, ABBA and U2) but I’m partial to a bit of a boogie from the 90s, so Spice Girls or Destiny’s Child. Last thing you watched on TV? Drunk Histories Australia on tenplay. The funniest way to learn our history! Also recently loved Veep and the Marvellous Mrs Maisel - both dark, very clever comedies. The funniest thing that happened to you recently? I’m very clumsy and I fall over things, and off things a lot, although others generally find these funnier than I do! I honestly can’t answer this one, but I know I‘m giggling a lot at this stage of my life! Most used emoji? Laughing / crying face. If you could have one other CrossFit Claremont members body part, what would it be? Where do I start?! Duncan’s confidence in wearing short shorts, Gary’s sense of adventure, Kat’s bottom, and Amy’s legs.

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