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Sunday 13.08.18

Today: The Skill of Running - Running Specific Class Do you look at running workouts and feel like your might throw up a little? Do you find running hard or a struggle regardless of how fast or slow you go even though you feel fit otherwise? Well we have got the class for you! Like anything, to be a good runner you have to be an efficient runner. Just like you can’t Snatch 100kg with poor technique, you won’t be able to maximise your full running ability without moving well. Not only will working on how you run make you faster but it will also make running a lot easier and more enjoyable. From next week on ward we will hit the ground running, the class will be primarily technique focused running. The class will go for an hour with approximately half the class focused on different drills and warm up movements to help improve running efficiency, followed by a small “main” running session with a different focus each week. And for those concerned with recovery it will be a relatively light session and will double and great active recovery, helping you to wake up Monday feeling fresh. The class will be held on Sunday's from 10 to 11am and open to all CrossFit Claremont members. If you aren’t a member and wish to attend it will be only $10. The class will be taken by Liz Bellis. Herself having a strong endurance background having won the 2004 Rotto Swim, along with a Duathalon state champs and also some Triathlon events. See you there!


Open Gym today from 10am - 12pm.

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