The Open Late Info

The factions have been drawn and can be found below. If you aren't allocated a faction then most likely you didn't register for before Wednesday. Anyone who wants to jump on board and registers at late will be allocated teams after the completion of the week 1 workouts. Remember, you must wear one item of visible clothing with your faction colour. If you catch someone not wearing their team colours, notify a coach and their faction will be docked a point.

If you are intending to do Friday night lights, please register on the form at the front desk. Long Weekend: We will run Friday night lights as per usual, then on the Monday Public Holiday we have an 8am CrossFit Class then Open Heats from 9am onwards. Please register for this 9am class to so I can assign heats beforehand. We will also have a sneaky last minute workout at 6am Tuesday morning running alongside the normal 6am class for those who are doing a last minute dash from down south or alike :)

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