• Jason

Saturday 02.09.17

This will be the last day at the Showground for a month. If you will like helping pack some stuff up after the classes today we will love you forever. Today we will have some modified hours: 7.30am Weightlifting Class 8.30am WOD (no reserve required). It will be an awareness / fundraiser for RUOK. If you are able to donate the link is here. RUOK Awareness Hero WOD: GL In Pairs: 43 Calorie Row (each) 43 Partner Deadlifts 80/50kg (on your side of the bar) 43 Sync Burpees over the Bar 43 Sync Pull Ups 43 Sync Wall Balls 9/6kg 43 Calorie Row (each) Post results to Beyond the Whiteboard. Join here.

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