• Jason

Thursday 23.02.17


Goblet Squat 32/24kg

Sit Ups

10m Shuttle Sprints

Post result to Beyond the Whiteboard. Join Beyond the Whiteboard for free here

This week the CrossFit Open kicks off! It's not too late to sign up if you're interested at www.games.crossfit.com It's a great way to get a push, see what you're capable of and get together as a community. The Open isn't just for elite athletes, it's for anyone interesting in getting fitter.

For week 1 the workout will be held on Saturday at 10.30am. Weeks 2-5 will be Friday night lights - starting at 6.30pm. Feel free to bring down friends and family, have a few drinks and cheer everyone on. If you have not registered for the Open, you will not be permitted to do the workout during these times. A reminder, all athletes competing in the open will be required to do the judging course

If you have any questions about how the open works and what its about, please ask one of the coaches.

Unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances we will have no classes this Friday in the evening. 6am, 7am and 915 classes are per usual and then we will be closed until 4.30 - 6pm where we have Open Gym.

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